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Health, Science

BIOLOGICAL-AGE — A study of 1,000 38-year-olds shows ‘biological age’ ranges from 30 to 60; scientists are trying to figure out why some people age faster than others. 725 words, by Ariana Eunjung Cha (Post).

HOSPITALS-SENIORS — Want a good laugh? Head to the hospital and that’s no joke; hospitals are signing up seniors – their customers – in wellness programs, smiles included. 1,180 words, by Susan Jaffe (Post special). Two photos.

HEALTH-CHERRIES — Tart cherries are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that help relieve inflammation, pain and damage to cells, organs and blood vessels. 580 words, by Lena H. Sun (Post). Moved Thursday.

NUTRITION — Is coconut water really more hydrating? A guide to all the added health claims by makers of plant-based waters, flavored waters and more. 1,145 words, Ellie Krieger (Post special). Upcoming.

NUTRITION-QANDA — Getting children to graduate to the adult-food menu; you can nudge young ones away from “kids’ meals” by embedding healthy habits as reflexive behavior. 1,065 words, by Hope Warshaw (Post special). Upcoming.

HEALTH-SCAN — Women who have it all find that “all” includes a permanent state of tiredness. Some ideas on getting energized. 540 words, by Nancy Szokan (Post).

FIBROSIS – WASHINGTON – Federal regulators approve a new drug that treats the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis and might be used to help nearly half of the 30,000 patients in the U.S. with the fatal genetic disease. 650 words, by Lenny Bernstein (Post). Moved Thursday.

DOCTORS — Clothing for physicians is more than just a matter of personal style: it is an emblem of their specialty, training and culture. 1,175 words, by Vineet Chopra and Sanjay Saint (Post special).

GMOS — Why we’re so scared of GMOs, according to someone who has studied them since the start; Q&A. 1,840 words, by Roberto A. Ferdman (Post). Moved Monday on National wire.

MOWING-SAFETY — Parents, here’s a lawn mower story intended to scare you; you can’t be too careful when it comes to children and machinery.. 590 words, by Chad Hayes (Post special).

PARENTING-DISORDERS — Eight things you didn’t know about perinatal (which includes both pregnancy and postpartum) mood disorders. 1,060 words, by Sarah Bregel (Post special). Moved Monday.

CORALISLANDS — What happens to a coral reef when an island is built on top? In the South China Sea, seven coral reefs are being turned into islands with harbors and landing strips by the Chinese military, not only raising political tensions but also destroying a rich ecological network. 1,075 words, by Eric Niiler (Post special). With two photos and one graphic.

VACCINES – The untold story of how today’s fight over vaccines has its roots in the American Revolution. Back in 1776, “liberty” meant access to small pox inoculations. 800 words, by Carolyn Johnson (Post). One video. Moved Thursday.

MOSQUITOES — Your summertime guide to mosquitoes: Why they bite and what to do about it. 1,250 words, by Arlene Karidis (Post special).

BUG-REPELLENTS — The EPA says you can safely use DEET to repel bugs, but some keep searching for natural products. 930 words, by Jill U. Adams (Post special).

SCIENCE-GRILLING — The science of grilling: Stay away from charred meat; of course, you don’t want to undercook it, either, but there is a happy medium. 715 words, by Rachel Feltman (Post).

SCIENCE-SCAN — Blind since he was 13 months old, Daniel Kish navigates the same way bats do – with echolation. 360 words, by Nancy Szokan (Post).

There is no HEALTH-EXERCISE this week.

Arts, Entertainment

COMIC-CON — Comic-Con 2015: With female fandom on the rise, comics reach gender equity. 1,550 words, by Michael Cavna (Post). One photo.

COSBY-STATUE — A Disney theme park is removing a likeness of Bill Cosby after this week’s revelation that the comedian provided drugs to women with whom he wished to have sex. 715 words, by Justin Wm. Moyer (Post).

DEEN — Paula Deen apologizes, fires social media manager after “brownface” tweet. 220 words, by Elahe Izadi and Sarah Larimer (Post).

TV-SIMPSONS — The veteran voice actor Harry Shearer will return to “The Simpsons” for two more seasons. 235 words, by Michael Cavna (Post).

SHARKS — Discovery’s Shark Week has forced a TV feeding frenzy as National Geographic takes the plunge. 550 words, by Jacob Bogage (Post).

FILM-MINIONS-ADV10 — Review of “Minions.” By Michael O’Sullivan (Post). Upcoming, with photo.

FILM-GALLOWS — Review of “The Gallows.” By Michael O’Sullivan (Post). Moving Thursday, with photo.

FILM-SELFLESS-ADV10 — Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley and Matthew Goode can’t elevate the pedestrian thriller “Self/less.” Friday advance. 435 words, by Ann Hornaday (Post). One photo.

FILM-CARTEL-ADV10 _The documentary “Cartel Land” offers a dismaying look at a thriving culture of lawlessness, despite efforts to eradicate it. Friday advance. 600 words, by Michael O’Sullivan (Post). Two photos.

FILM-AMY-ADV10 _The documentary “Amy” reaffirms Amy Winehouse’s reputation as a musician, while indicting tabloid culture. Friday advance. 550 words, by Ann Hornaday (Post). One photo.

FILM-MANGLEHORN-ADV10 — Al Pacino and Holly Hunter aren’t quite enough to bring believability to the syrupy, oddball romance “Manglehorn.” Friday advance. 255 words, by Michael O’Sullivan (Post). One photo.

FILM-BATKID-ADV10 _The documentary “Batkid” goes behind the scenes with a Make-A-Wish project that captured the imagination of the world. Friday advance. 350 words, by Michael O’Sullivan (Post). One photo.

FILM-JIMMY-ADV10 — An Irish community pursues truth, beauty and simple fun in the Depression-era drama “Jimmy’s Hall.” Friday advance. 525 words, by Ann Hornaday (Post). One photo.

FILM-REBELS-ADV10 — “Rebels of the Neon God,” the previously unreleased 1992 debut of Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-liang, is a gangster movie, and more. Friday advance. 500 words, by Mark Jenkins (Post special). One photo.

FILM-PIXAR — How the new Pixar film, “Inside Out,” explores emotional ambiguity such as feeling happy and sad at the same time. 1,170 words, by Ana Swanson (Post). One photo.

LAEMMLE-EXHIBIT — WASHINGTON _The exhibit “100 Years of Hollywood — the Laemmle Effect” shines a light on the German immigrant who molded America’s movie industry. 1,200 words, by Raymond M. Lane (Post special).

BOOKS-SPEAK — In Louisa Hall’s “Speak,” a robot takeover to welcome. 810 words, by Alyssa Rosenberg (Post).

PIANO-MAN — Homeless and luckless, piano player Donald Gould wows the Internet and gets a new start. 765 words, by Lindsey Bever (Post).

JAPAN-HOUSES — Former U.S. military homes have been transformed into an arts community in Tokyo. 765 words, by Hiroki Nakai (Japan News/Yomiuri). One photo.

JAPAN-SUNSET – TOKYO — Two actresses shine in “Sunset Blvd.” Interview. 600 words, by Tateki Kato (Japan News). One photo.

JARED — Making no fuss is Jared Fogle’s trademark. 1,015 words, by Justin Wm. Moyer (Post).


LIBRARIES — Libraries are under fire as they shift from print to digital; across the country, some of the clashes over what kind of books to buy have been heated. 1,405 words, by Michael S. Rosenwald (Post). One photo. Moved on national wire.

PHOTOGRAPHER — BALTIMORE _From the eye of Baltimore’s storm: Devin Allen’s work in his “beautiful ghetto” leads to Time cover, new career. 1,270 words, by Lauren Loftus (Post). Two photos.

HOMEBIRTH — Research shows poor moms who opt for home births are more likely to encounter tragedy. 750 words, by Danielle Paquette (Post). Moved on National wire.

TIMEHACKER — The Timehacker: This harried mom working on a Ph.D discovers that having it all doesn’t have to mean having it all right now. 1,300 words, by Brigid Schulte (Post). One photo.

JAPAN-TOWELS — TOKYO — Tenugui traditional hand towels come in many different colors and patterns. In addition to towels, they can also be used as chic interior decorations, including cushion covers and noren curtains. 590 words, by Yukako Oishi (Japan News/Yomiuri). Four photos.

BAGGAGECHECK — Relationship advice from a clinical psychologist and author of “The Friendship Fix.” 470 words, by Andrea Bonior (Post special).

DATING-COMMENT — I don’t date because being alone is pretty fantastic. 875 words, by Matty Litwack (Post special).

BOUQUET-COMMENT — Most singles hate the bouquet toss. I love it. 700 words, by Lisa Bonos (Post).

Workplace Advice (moved on Financial wire):

CAREER-COACH — Q&A; answering readers questions. 900 words, by Joyce E.A. Russell (Post special). Upcoming.

There is no WATERCOOLER column (Post special) this week; it will resume next week.


OREOS — A slimmer version of the world’s most popular cookie, the Oreo. 575 words, by Roberto A. Ferdman (Post). Moved on Financial wire.

TWINKIES — Twinkies, once bankrupt, is now flirting with $2 billion buyout offers. 500 words, by Drew Harwell (Post). Moved on Financial wire.

FOOD-NOURISH — Grilled Fruit Sundaes With Strawberry Sauce. 850 words, by Ellie Krieger (Post special). One photo.

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