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    It was some half hour later when he returned. The clerk was dozing with his back against the tree: Herrick still lay where he had flung himself; nothing showed whether he slept or waked.

    The girl looked at them nicely, and passed them on one by one to the boy. Presently she made a discovery.

    When the Impérieuse reached the coast of Spain early in 1808, we were still at war with that country. Napoleon had not yet turned his submissive ally into an enemy by that act of brigandage which was the capital error of his life. The war was for us still a “rich war,” as Nelson put it—there were still Spanish prizes to be picked up. Cochrane was master of the work to be done. His previous cruise in the Speedy had made him perfectly familiar with the Spanish coast. It had also given him an absolute confidence in his power to beat the Spaniards at any odds. On this occasion he had no opportunity to equal the most marvellous of all his feats—the capture of the frigate Gamo with his tiny gun-brig the Speedy, but he was incessantly active and uniformly successful. The Impérieuse hugged the Spanish coast, destroyed isolated forts, sailed into the very ports and marked her prey down coolly, before sending her boats in to cut out the more tempting prizes. In all this stirring fighting Marryat had such share as a midshipman might. The history of it is recorded in “Frank Mildmay,” in “Mr. Midshipman Easy,” in “Peter Simple.” One incident may be recorded[32] as a type of the rest. Lord Cochrane learnt that a certain vessel which he was resolute to take was lying at anchor in Almeria. He himself, in his “Autobiography of a Seaman,” calls her “a large French vessel, laden with lead and other munitions of war.” Marryat, as quoted by his daughter, calls her a polacre privateer, and says nothing of her nationality, but in other respects the stories agree. The story may now go on in Marryat’s words:

    25:1 [hgb] 书 亚 人 比 勒 达 回 答 说 , [kjv] Then answered Bildad the Shuhite, and said, [bbe] Then Bildad the Shuhite made answer and said,25:2 [hgb] 神 有 治 理 之 权 , 有 威 严 可 畏 。 他 在 高 处 施 行 和 平 。 [kjv] Dominion and fear are with him, he maketh peace in his high places. [bbe] Rule and power are his; he makes peace in his high places.25:3 [hgb] 他 的 诸 军 , 岂 能 数 算 ? 他 的 光 亮 一 发 , 谁 不 蒙 照 呢 ? [kjv] Is there any number of his armies? and upon whom doth not his light arise? [bbe] Is it possible for his armies to be numbered? and on whom is not his light shining?25:4 [hgb] 这 样 在 神 面 前 , 人 怎 能 称 义 ? 妇 人 所 生 的 怎 能 洁 净 ? [kjv] How then can man be justified with God? or how can he be clean that is born of a woman? [bbe] How then is it possible for man to be upright before God? or how may he be clean who is a son of woman?25:5 [hgb] 在 神 眼 前 , 月 亮 也 无 光 亮 , 星 宿 也 不 清 洁 。 [kjv] Behold even to the moon, and it shineth not; yea, the stars are not pure in his sight. [bbe] See, even the moon is not bright, and the stars are not clean in his eyes:25:6 [hgb] 何 况 如 虫 的 人 , 如 蛆 的 世 人 呢 ? [kjv] How much less man, that is a worm? and the son of man, which is a worm? [bbe] How much less man who is an insect, and the son of man who is a worm!

    Chapter 19

    Ida made no motion toward obeying this mandate.

      Charlotte was delighted with the way her trick was working. She sat without moving a muscle, and listened to the conversation of the people. When a small fly blundered into the web, just beyond the word “pig,” Charlotte dropped quickly down, rolled the fly up, and carried it out of the way.

    James Bond took a small blue leather notebook out of his inside pocket and turned the leaves. He stopped turning them. He looked up. "At that time, as side arms, you were carrying a regulation Webley-Scott forty-five with the serial number eight-nine-six-seven-three-sixty-two."

      然而, 印度新德里电视台、《印度时报》的报道却称“庞达村位于不丹境内2公里内”。不过,不丹驻印度大使纳姆加尔(VetsopNamgyel)曾对此表示,“不丹境内没有中国村庄”。


    “You don’t mind taking Hennie?” said Mrs. Raddick. “Sure you don’t? There’s the car, and you’ll have tea and we’ll be back here on this step — right here — in an hour. You see, I want her to go in. She’s not been before, and it’s worth seeing. I feel it wouldn’t be fair to her.”

    “Mount!” cried a voice in Breton, and with a clatter of hoofs the two falconers, with falcons upon their wrists, rode into the courtyard among the hounds. Then I heard another voice which sent the blood throbbing through my heart: “Piriou Louis, hunt the hounds well and spare neither spur nor whip. Thou Raoul and thou Gaston, see that the epervier does not prove himself niais, and if it be best in your judgment, faites courtoisie à l’oiseau. Jardiner un oiseau like the mué there on Hastur’s wrist is not difficult, but thou, Raoul, mayest not find it so simple to govern that hagard. Twice last week he foamed au vif and lost the beccade although he is used to the leurre. The bird acts like a stupid branchier. Pa?tre un hagard n’est pas si facile.”

    The blood-red sun had gone down into the Atlantic. Faint purple streaks streamed up the western horizon, like the fingers of some great shadowy hand clutching at the world. Huge masses of dark, agate-looking clouds were gathering in the zenith, and the heavy, close atmosphere told the coming of a storm. Now and then the snaky lightning darted across the heavens and coiled itself away in a cloud. A lone ship stood almost motionless in the twilight. The sails were close-reefed. Here and there on the forecastle were groups of lazy-looking seamen; and a man walked the quarter-deck, glancing anxiously aloft. The sea was as smooth as a mirror, and that dreadful stillness was in the air which so often preludes a terrific storm in the tropics. A rumbling was heard in the sky like the sound of distant artillery, or heavy bodies of water falling from immense heights. Then the surface of the sea was broken by mimic waves tipped with froth, and the vast expanse seemed like a prairie in a snow fall. The lightning became more frequent and vivid, and the thunder seemed breaking on the very topmasts of the vessel. Then the starless night sunk down on the ocean, and the sea raved in the gathering darkness. The storm was at its height: the wind,

    Fowler thought. ‘We are not sure enough yet to do things like that,’ he said.

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