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    He. Ssh! Don’t laugh in that horrible way!

    “I cannot express how painful, how agonizing a task that was. Daily, soldiers would come to me with tales of incredible 32 treatment, with their bodies livid from the cruel and fierce blows of the Austrians. Exhausted, worn-out, veritable bundles of human rags, they would tell me of the incredible labors expected of them; how, among the snow of the Carpathians, half-naked, without shirts, while the cold which was far below freezing point, stiffened their bodies, they were compelled to start out at three or four in the morning and walk until eight, after having had only a cup of tea; and how they were then forced to work until night. As payment for their superhuman labors, the poor wretches received a cheap substitute for coffee with one-quarter of a pound of bread.

    The cry was wrenched out of his breast. It was as unintentional as the birth of a thought in the head, and he heard nothing of it himself. It all became extinct at once — thought, intention, effort — and of his cry the inaudible vibration added to the tempest waves of the air.

    The different churches battle for the possession of the various relics. The Greeks show you the Tomb of Melchisedec, while the Armenians possess the Chapel of the Penitent Thief; the poor Copts (with their little cabin of a chapel) can yet boast of possessing the thicket in which Abraham caught the Ram, which was to serve as the vicar of Isaac; the Latins point out the Pillar to which the Lord was bound. The place of the Invention of the Sacred Cross, the Fissure in the Rock of Golgotha, the Tomb of Adam himself — are all here within a few yards’ space. You mount a few steps, and are told it is Calvary upon which you stand. All this in the midst of blaring candles, reeking incense, savage pictures of Scripture story, or portraits of kings who have been benefactors to the various chapels; a din and clatter of strange people — these weeping, bowing, kissing — those utterly indifferent; and the priests clad in outlandish robes, snuffling and chanting incomprehensible litanies, robing, disrobing, lighting up candles or extinguishing them, advancing, retreating, bowing with all sorts of unfamiliar genuflexions. Had it pleased the inventors of the Sepulchre topography to have fixed on fifty more spots of ground as the places of the events of the sacred story, the pilgrim would have believed just as now. The priest’s authority has so mastered his faith, that it accommodates itself to any demand upon it; and the English stranger looks on the scene, for the first time, with a feeling of scorn, bewilderment, and shame at that grovelling credulity, those strange rites and ceremonies, that almost confessed imposture.

    James Bond glanced over his shoulder at them and then got down off his stool and took off his raincoat and hat and put them on top of his case and climbed back. He silently watched the men in the long mirror at the back of the counter, while I busied myself with the cooking things and took him in with quick glances.

    150 Nothing, then, even in the desire to praise it, better than “useful trouble”? I do not think that even Wordsworth dwells with much frequency or delight on this friend of mine. Longfellow has—

    Chapter 7

    7:1 [hgb] 亲 爱 的 弟 兄 阿 , 我 们 既 有 这 等 应 许 , 就 当 洁 净 自 己 , 除 去 身 体 灵 魂 一 切 的 污 秽 , 敬 畏 神 , 得 以 成 圣 。 [kjv] Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. [bbe] Because God, then, will give us such rewards, dear brothers, let us make ourselves clean from all evil of flesh and spirit, and become completely holy in the fear of God.7:2 [hgb] 你 们 要 心 地 宽 大 收 纳 我 们 。 我 们 未 曾 亏 负 谁 , 未 曾 败 坏 谁 , 未 曾 占 谁 的 便 宜 。 [kjv] Receive us; we have wronged no man, we have corrupted no man, we have defrauded no man. [bbe] Let your hearts be open to us: we have done no man wrong, no man has been damaged by us, we have made no profit out of any man,7:3 [hgb] 我 说 这 话 , 不 是 要 定 你 们 的 罪 。 我 已 经 说 过 , 你 们 常 在 我 们 心 里 , 情 愿 与 你 们 同 生 同 死 。 [kjv] I speak not this to condemn you: for I have said before, that ye are in our hearts to die and live with you. [bbe] It is not with the purpose of judging you that I say this: for I have said before that you are in our hearts for life and death together.7:4 [hgb] 我 大 大 地 放 胆 向 你 们 说 话 。 我 因 你 们 多 多 夸 口 , 满 得 安 慰 。 我 们 在 一 切 患 难 中 分 外 的 快 乐 。 [kjv] Great is my boldness of speech toward you, great is my glorying of you: I am filled with comfort, I am exceeding joyful in all our tribulation. [bbe] My words to you are without fear, I am full of pride on account of you: I have great comfort and joy in all our troubles.7:5 [hgb] 我 们 从 前 就 是 到 了 马 其 顿 的 时 候 , 身 体 也 不 得 安 宁 , 周 围 遭 患 难 , 外 有 争 战 , 内 有 惧 怕 。 [kjv] For, when we were come into Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears. [bbe] For even when we had come into Macedonia our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; there were fightings outside and fears inside.7:6 [hgb] 但 那 安 慰 丧 气 之 人 的 神 , 借 着 提 多 来 安 慰 了 我 们 。 [kjv] Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus; [bbe] But God who gives comfort to the poor in spirit gave us comfort by the coming of Titus;7:7 [hgb] 不 但 借 着 他 来 , 也 借 着 他 从 你 们 所 得 的 安 慰 , 安 慰 了 我 们 。 因 他 把 你 们 的 想 念 , 哀 恸 , 和 向 我 的 热 心 , 都 告 诉 了 我 , 叫 我 更 加 欢 喜 。 [kjv] And not by his coming only, but by the consolation wherewith he was comforted in you, when he told us your earnest desire, your mourning, your fervent mind toward me; so that I rejoiced the more. [bbe] And not by his coming only, but by the comfort which he had in you, while he gave us word of your desire, your sorrow, your care for me; so that I was still more glad.7:8 [hgb] 我 先 前 写 信 叫 你 们 忧 愁 。 我 后 来 虽 然 懊 悔 , 如 今 却 不 懊 悔 。 因 我 知 道 那 信 叫 你 们 忧 愁 , 不 过 是 暂 时 的 。 [kjv] For though I made you sorry with a letter, I do not repent, though I did repent: for I perceive that the same epistle hath made you sorry, though it were but for a season. [bbe] For though my letter gave you pain, I have no regret for it now, though I had before; for I see that the letter gave you pain, but only for a time.7:9 [hgb] 如 今 我 欢 喜 , 不 是 因 你 们 忧 愁 , 是 因 你 们 从 忧 愁 中 生 出 懊 悔 来 。 你 们 依 着 神 的 意 思 忧 愁 , 凡 事 就 不 至 于 因 我 们 受 亏 损 了 。 [kjv] Now I rejoice, not that ye were made sorry, but that ye sorrowed to repentance: for ye were made sorry after a godly manner, that ye might receive damage by us in nothing. [bbe] Now I am glad, not that you had sorrow, but that your sorrow was the cause of a change of heart; for yours was a holy sorrow so that you might undergo no loss by us in anything.7:10 [hgb] 因 为 依 着 神 的 意 思 忧 愁 , 就 生 出 没 有 后 悔 的 懊 悔 来 , 以 致 得 救 。 但 世 俗 的 忧 愁 , 是 叫 人 死 。 [kjv] For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death. [bbe] For the sorrow which God gives is the cause of salvation through a change of heart, in which there is no reason for grief: but the sorrow of the world is a cause of death.7:11 [hgb] 你 看 , 你 们 依 着 神 的 意 思 忧 愁 , 从 此 就 生 出 何 等 的 殷 勤 , 自 诉 , 自 恨 , 恐 惧 , 想 念 , 热 心 , 责 罚 ( 或 作 自 责 ) , 在 这 一 切 事 上 你 们 都 表 明 自 己 是 洁 净 的 。 [kjv] For behold this selfsame thing, that ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what clearing of yourselves, yea, what indignation, yea, what fear, yea, what vehement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter. [bbe] For you see what care was produced in you by this very sorrow of yours before God, what clearing of yourselves, what wrath against sin, what fear, what desire, what serious purpose, what punishment. In everything you have made it clear that you are free from sin in this business.7:12 [hgb] 我 虽 然 从 前 写 信 给 你 们 却 不 是 为 那 亏 负 人 的 , 也 不 是 为 那 受 人 亏 负 的 , 乃 要 在 神 面 前 , 把 你 们 顾 念 我 们 的 热 心 , 表 明 出 来 。 [kjv] Wherefore, though I wrote unto you, I did it not for his cause that had done the wrong, nor for his cause that suffered wrong, but that our care for you in the sight of God might appear unto you. [bbe] So though I sent you a letter, it was not only because of the man who did the wrong, or because of him to whom the wrong was done, but so that your true care for us might be made clear in the eyes of God.7:13 [hgb] 故 此 我 们 得 了 安 慰 , 并 且 在 安 慰 之 中 , 因 你 们 众 人 使 提 多 心 里 畅 快 欢 喜 , 我 们 就 更 加 欢 喜 了 。 [kjv] Therefore we were comforted in your comfort: yea, and exceedingly the more joyed we for the joy of Titus, because his spirit was refreshed by you all. [bbe] So we have been comforted: and we had the greater joy in our comfort because of the joy of Titus, for his spirit had been made glad by you all.7:14 [hgb] 我 若 对 提 多 夸 奖 了 你 们 什 么 , 也 觉 得 没 有 惭 愧 。 因 我 对 提 多 夸 奖 你 们 的 话 , 成 了 真 的 。 正 如 我 对 你 们 所 说 的 话 , 也 都 是 真 的 。 [kjv] For if I have boasted any thing to him of you, I am not ashamed; but as we spake all things to you in truth, even so our boasting, which I made before Titus, is found a truth. [bbe] For I was not put to shame in anything in which I may have made clear to him my pride in you; but as we said nothing to you but what was true, so the good things which I said to Titus about you were seen by him to be true.7:15 [hgb] 并 且 提 多 想 起 你 们 众 人 的 顺 服 , 是 怎 样 恐 惧 战 兢 地 接 待 他 , 他 爱 你 们 的 心 肠 就 越 发 热 了 。 [kjv] And his inward affection is more abundant toward you, whilst he remembereth the obedience of you all, how with fear and trembling ye received him. [bbe] And his love to you is the more increased by his memory of you all, how you gave way to his authority, and how you took him to your hearts with fear and honour.7:16 [hgb] 我 如 今 欢 喜 , 能 在 凡 事 上 为 你 们 放 心 。 [kjv] I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things. [bbe] It gives me great joy to see you answering to my good opinion of you in every way.

    That’s justified by honour —

    He was a small damp man whose limp black hair sweated into his muddy forehead. He said:

    Chapter 9

    He and the doctor talked for some time in the same recess where I had just conferred with the physician. It seemed an earnest and argumentative conversation. The room is very large, and I and Madame stood together, burning with curiosity, at the farther end. Not a word could we hear, however, for they spoke in a very low tone, and the deep recess of the window quite concealed the doctor from view, and very nearly my father, whose foot, arm, and shoulder only could we see; and the voices were, I suppose, all the less audible for the sort of closet which the thick wall and window formed.

    'I shall begin to think that you really are a magician,' she said, lightly.

    Sir Richmond brooded over his sculls and thought.

    "Because we pulled you over the line."

    “To him that lives well,” answered the hermit, “every form of life is good; nor can I give any other rule for choice than to remove all apparent evil.”

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